Not sure how Expert Usability can help your website?

Here are some common questions we get from clients regarding what we do.

Can you help with my current website?

We’ll talk to you about your goals and concerns, analyze your site, and list prioritized areas of improvement that will give you the biggest impact with the least expensive implementation, all discussed in easy to understand terms.

I want to start from scratch/I don’t have a website yet. What can you do regarding a new website?

We’ll walk you through the process of not only figuring out if you need a new site or not, but also the best approaches and solutions based around your needs and goals, working as your “private advisor” by providing feedback on what works and doesn’t work with whomever is building your new site, dealing directly with you to make you a smarter client, and insuring your interests are always protected.

There’s something I’ve wanted to have on my site for a long time, but was told it wasn’t possible with my budget/current technology. Can you help us?

Technology is changing by the minute, and not only do we stay up to date on what’s available, we can also creatively solve problems by figuring out new solutions to old problems, applying technology in ways you hadn’t considered.

How is this going to work with our other online marketing efforts?

While not our main focus, we’re more than conversant in SEO, Email Marketing, Social Media, Analytics, and other online spaces that directly or indirectly relate to your site, and we can find the best ways to use all these approaches to further your goals.

We can’t afford to have someone full-time for this type of work, so how long is this work good for?

Your website is very important to you, even if you can’t have someone like us on staff full-time, which is why we offer ongoing assistance, so we can offer suggestions, advice and ideas as your organization changes over time, as all organizations do in the face of new environments and situations.

We’re a Marketing/PR/Design/Strategy Firm/Consultancy, is there a way you could help our clients?

We’re more than happy to work with you to help your clients, and can make sure that we focus our efforts around the insights you’ve already achieved. We can deal directly with your clients, or offer our services to them under your name.

Will you be able to implement changes since we’re using [Specific Programming Language/CMS/Server/etc.]?

We don’t make changes to sites or build them, because we focus on finding the issues that others can’t, and also how to go about making changes as inexpensively as possible.

There are a lot more people and services that implement changes and build websites (and we can help you find the people right for that), but very few do what we do.

How do I know this will work for me?

We build all our work around your specific goals and needs. You wouldn’t buy a one-size-fits-all T-shirt, would you? Then a one-size-fits-all job from us doesn’t make much sense either.

By talking to you about your needs and concerns, and giving our analysis in plain English, we can ensure that we can help you.

And if you’re not happy with our work (even after revising it to try to help you the most), you’ll get your money back.

Wow, there’s nothing not to like. How do we get started?

Just contact us to start a conversation with us!